La Lisse shelf

La Lisse is a modular shelving system, which can be mounted easily and without screws.
The mounts are based on a fixing bar, the only element attached to the wall, and the shelves are fixed there: they are simply blocked.
The shelves can be easily moved and adapted to any configuration.
La Lisse is available in 6 different formats, and with 4 types of solid wood.

The modular system fits in all rooms and all functions.

The artisanal manufacture guarantees a high quality.

Alpha 3 shelves - 40 cm 133cm 28cm
Beta 5 shelves - 40cm 202cm 28cm
Gamma 9 shelves - 110cm 133cm 28cm
Delta 7 shelves - 110cm 133cm 28cm
Epsilon 9 shelves + 1 desk - 110cm 202cm 28cm
Eta 11 shelves - 110cm 202cm 28cm

  • Bois: massif huilé.
  • Bois: Existe en Hêtre, Frène, Chêne et Noyer.
  • Couleur: Piètement hêtre massif.
  • Depth: 28cm.
  • Fixation murale: lisse fixée 3 points.
  • Longueur: de 133 à 202 cm.
  • Matières: Chêne massif.
  • Montant verticaux: de 2cm d'épaisseur, 10cm de profondeur.
  • Width: de 40cm à 110 cm.
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620 € tax incl.

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